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WCTV is Looking for Local Content Creators!

WCTV is inviting and encouraging local creators to share their photo and video content to be featured on WCTV’s Instagram and other social media platforms. While WCTV would love to be able to “cover” and attend every event in town, there are just not enough hours in the day and manpower for our staff to capture all the wonderful and worthy happenings in Wilmington. The content you submit can be shot with any device (ie: your phone, in vertical format please) and include anything Wilmington related. This could be community events, historical sites, nature spots, local clubs/organizations, or even just something created by a Wilmington resident that you wish to be showcased. Through this effort, we are hoping to increase community engagement and provide support to our local content creators by giving them a space to be noticed. If we use your content, we will give you credit for any post shared!

Interested? Want to know more? Email our Marketing Director, Emily Marsden, at: Emily can answer any questions you might have, as well as direct you to events that are coming up that WCTV would love to feature, as well as give you some tips on what to submit. All content submission can be made to the email above, as well. Thank you in advance!

Please include the following information with any content you send to Emily:

- Your name (and names of involved parties)

- Instagram handle.

- Date the content was filmed

- Location of the content

- Brief description

*Content will be posted at our discretion, and not all content submitted is guaranteed to be posted.

Upcoming meetings covered by WCTV:

There are no meetings this week.

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If you would like to contribute to our funding, please click here to donate.

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