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WCTV has some big ideas and we need your help in making them happen! All donations are tax deductible and go directly to our programming.

WCTV is a non-profit organization.

We rely on charitable donations from people like you  to carry out our mission of cultivating a creative environment for aspiring producers of all ages to enhance their knowledge and share their passions.


WCTV is not funded by tax dollars.

The vast majority of funding comes from cable companies. These companies sign agreements with the Town of Wilmington in order to offer cable television to local households. As part of those agreements, a percentage of cable revenue is set aside each month to promote local programming. However, with the use of cable declining, so is our funding.


It is an uncertain future.

While WCTV gets a cut of the cable money, the same does not apply for the internet or phone you simultaneously get from your cable provider.  As people “cut the cord” and turn to streaming services, they are also cutting off part of our funding. To continue offering our free programs, we need your help now more than ever.


Donate Now

When you give to us, you give to Wilmington.

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