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This summer, Wilmington high school wrestler, Hannah Bryson partnered with IronClad Martial Arts to host and teach an all-girl wrestling camp. In this feature, WCTV takes a look at one of the classes Hannah taught with guest instructor Pete Mitchell. In addition we hear from John Johnston, founder of IronClad about Hannah's teaching style and her history with IronClad.

If you haven’t had a chance to view or listen to this great podcast, you’re missing out!

This podcast is hosted by father and son, Jim and Jack Boyle. In each episode, they take the kitchen table arguments and heated discussions from their home directly to yours. In episode 5, Jim and Jack talk all things NFL week 1 with their guest, Justin Trevisani. Justin shares his experience working for the NFL Colts. Other topics include, college football, the Ryder Cup and how Jack now loves tennis after following this year's US Open. This jam packed episode also includes Super Bowl predictions and a 7 wonders segment, where Jim and Jack draft all time NFL quarterbacks.

These programs can be viewed on WCTV channels or on WCTV’s Youtube channel. We also linked them in this blog post for your convenience, just click on the name of the program!

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