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New Program Launched at WCTV

Ismah Khan (WCTV staff producer/director) has launched an exciting, new program for

WCTV called, Wilmington Eats: There’s Nothing in the Fridge. Ismah, along with fellow

staff producer/editor, Will Matovu, who act as host for the pilot episode, recently visited

Code 1 BBQ in Wilmington and got all the juicy details about how Code 1 BBQ came to

be. During this first episode of Wilmington Eats, you’ll get to meet, Erica Marchant,

Chef and co-owner of Code 1 BBQ as she explains the history of how she and her

husband, Sean, got the idea to open their restaurant. Erica also talks about some of her

customers favorite menu items and you’ll even get to see how Erica and her staff make

the delicious cornbread they have on the menu. See the inside the restaurant, how

things are made and even meet staff member, Susan Morris too! More episodes of

Wilmington Eats are in the works and will feature restaurants in Wilmington and

surrounding towns. Click here to watch the first episode!

Upcoming meetings covered by WCTV:

Monday April 10, 7PM Select Board

View on channels: Comcast 9 & 22, Verizon 37 & 38

Wednesday April 12, 7PM School Committee

View on channels: Comcast 9 & 22, Verizon 37 & 38

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