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Comcast Customers PSA: Change the Channel!

Usually WCTV wouldn’t recommend you change the channel, but in this case, we’d like to let

you know of a recent change to our WCTV Access Channel via Comcast. This change only impacts Comcast subscribers. In an effort to improve their customer experience, Comcast has changed the channel line up for their customers in some areas of programming. For WCTV and for you, that means that the content that you expect and love that was previously viewed on Comcast channel 99 has been moved to channel 6. There has been no change in our other channels on Comcast or Verizon. WCTV has posted this change on all their social media platforms and within the studio, but we wanted to tell you here too. Make sure you tell all your friends that Comcast channel 99 for WCTV has now moved to Comcast channel 6!

These programs can be viewed on WCTV channels or on WCTV’s Youtube channel.

Upcoming meetings covered by WCTV:

No meetings this week.

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