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Calling All Writers!

WCTV is looking for writers of all ages for our podcast “Wilmington Writes”.

We are gearing up to use our newly constructed podcast studio and are

looking to line-up some guest writers to read their work and talk a little about

the inspiration for the piece they share, why they write, and more.  We’ll even

take your picture to share on social media! We’d prefer shorter pieces of

prose like poetry, but writers can share an excerpt of longer works, as well.

We will be welcoming guests as soon as everything is all set with our new

podcast studio! Each episode should take about 10-15 minutes of your time

and we’ll send you a copy of the finished product. You can listen to the

current episodes of “Wilmington Writes” and our other podcasts here! To reserve your seat in the writer’s chair for “Wilmington Writes” or for more information, please email Lisa Kapala-Egan at:

Don't forget to follow us on socials, listed at the bottom of this page. Check out our channels here.

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