Youth Workshops & Lots of Programming

We’ve reached halftime in our Youth Summer Workshops. Two weeks down and two to go (after taking next week off). If there was a way to keep score, I’d say we’re winning.

When our Youth Outreach Coordinator Kaileigh Bernardo and I sat down a couple months ago to talk about our new expanded program (going from 2 hours a day to 6!), we wrote down 3 goals: Make it fun for the kids; develop programming to show the parents what we were up to; and develop programming to show the general public. Judging by the smiles and feedback we’ve been getting, things are working out.

Ready For The Fourth

The Fourth of July festivities return to the Wilmington Common this Thursday. WCTV is planning extensive coverage of the 4-day event. Look to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest content. We’ll then put together a full recap in the days after the fireworks go off on Saturday night. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from 30 years ago! Tom Pazyra put together this 1986 highlight reel a few years ago and we’re happy to share it again.