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Wilmington Pumpkin Patch

Every year, the Wilmington United Methodist Church hosts a pumpkin patch. Take a look at this beautiful feature about the annual pumpkin patch to learn about the church's mission and get a little taste of one of Wilmington’s wonderful fall traditions.

Where’s Wilmington Episode #179: Spanish Exchange Program

On this episode of Where's Wilmington, Lisa Kapala-Egan talks with Spanish exchange students Barbara Punzano Marin and Carmen Nemesio Urrutia from Almedia, Spain as well as student hosts, Hannah Bryson and Avis Samaha. Barbara and Carmen share what it was like to visit Wilmington and parts of Massachusetts and Hannah and Avis share their feelings about sharing their homes with exchange students.

Vitality Red Carpet Event 2023

Join our hosts Lisa Kapala-Egan and Emily Marsden as they experienced the Vitality Red Carpet Event on September 21st in honor of the new non-surgical facial treatment, triLift, being offered at the spa. Learn about Vitality and this groundbreaking technology and get an exclusive look at the triLift in action!

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