WCTV Channels

WCTV’s programming is distributed among three separate channels in what is called a “PEG” arrangement which stands for Public, Educational, and Government. WCTV’s programming can be seen on both local cable television service providers:

WCTV-P (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) is our “Public Access” channel. Programs seen on WCTV-P are produced by members of the general public, including WCTV staff and volunteer members, and producers from other access centers. These programs range from coverage of local events, talk programs, original entertainment, informational shows as well as church services and other religious programming.

WCTV-E (Comcast 99 / Verizon 39) is our “Educational Access” Channel. Programs seen on WCTV-E comes from a variety of sources: local educational programming, including shows that are produced by the staff and students of the Wilmington Public Schools, is shown on WCTV-E. School recitals, talent shows, concerts and sporting events are some of the things you’ll see on WCTV-E.

WCTV-G (Comcast 22 / Verizon 38) is our “Government Access” channel, and it is where you’ll find programs from and about government. Among the programming shown on WCTV-G: Live coverage of the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, as well as taped replays. Record-delayed coverage of other town board meetings, such as the Housing Authority, Elder Services Commission, RMLD Board of Directors, and Cable Advisory Task Force. Shows about the State and Federal government. Programs produced by and about the military.